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PARROT Minikit Kit

PARROT Minikit Kit

Elements of the kit - Ref. TC09P:
- 1 bluetooth PARROT® Minikit
- 1 charger (cigarette lighter plug)
- 1 PARROT® Instructions for use
- 1 connection pipe of 0,30m TUYAUCOM® equipped with a male plug on one side.
- 1 "sensor"
- Adhesives
- 1 adjustable choker in length

Attention: There is no earplug in this kit

- Stick the "sensor"on the Minikit loudspeaker with adhesives
- Put the auricle of your TUYAUCOM® in place on your ear.
- Attach the Minikit to the adjustable belt.
- Cross the head in the choker and adjust the length.
- Link the connection pipe of the auricle with the "sensor".
- Follow the instructions of the note PARROT®

Important to use the ® kit :
- You don't have the TUYAUCOM®. An earplug T010 is necessary for you besides this kit.
- You already have a complet TUYAUCOM® to communicate with your passenger. You only need this PARROT® Minikit kit and to connect it to your T010 earplug.
- You already have TUYAUCOM® but you want to communicate with your passenger while listening to your Phone. Besides this PARROT® Minikit kit, a double earplug T011 is necessary as a replacement of your usual TUYAUCOM® earplug.

Please, don't forget to lower the Minikit volume before any use. Sound will come to your ear much better than any electronic system, so don't set it too loud!
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