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Electronic Microphone for bikers

Electronic Microphone for bikers

Elements of the kit - Ref. TC08P:
Electronic Microphone for bikers

- 1 flexible with an electronic microphone in an extremity and a male tip Jack in the other extremity.
- 1 female round part with an adhesive to stuck on the side of the helmet.
- 1 male part to be locked on the previous one to maintain the flexible support.
- 1 extension of 2 meters with a male tip Jack in an extremity and a female one in the other extremity.
- 1 supplementary adhesive.

This electronic microphone is stuck and maintained on the side of the helmet thanks to a system of fixation in 2 removable parts which lock themselves by 1/4 of tour, as a bayonet bulb.
It connects with any audio device provided with an female entrance jack.
It is the emission part.
To listen to your device with motorcycle, you will need one of our kits of adaptation for GPS / Radio TC08M10 or TC08M11.
It is to note that the support of this microphone is a real flexible hose in stainless steel and in sheathed brass.

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