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Bungee of 2.5m of length with 3 different hooks

Bungee of 2.5m of length with 3 different hooks
Elements of the kit - Ref. S257PASC :

- 1 Bungee of 2.5m of length, of 7mm of thickness, provided of 3 different hooks :

- 1 secured hook shaped like a corkscrew plug rolling up itself on the body of the rubber band of the bungee or all other similar bungee. It cannot detach itself without human intervention. Uses itself when the bungee can pass around a point of fixing (rod or tube).
- 1 autoblocking hook permitting to adjust the bungee to the wanted length or to achieve a loop to maintain the bungee.
- 1 classic hook permitting the fixing of the bungee when the secured hook cannot be used.

This bungee permits to achieve all ways of facilities, only used either together with our other bungees. It adapts to all situations.

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