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Microphone's fixation for open or modular helmets

Microphone\'s fixation for open or modular helmets
Elements of the kit - Ref. TBC08:
Microphone's fixation for jet or modular helmets

- 1 female round part with an adhesive to be stuck on the side of the helmet
- 1 male part to maintain the microphone
- 1 supplementary adhesive

This article is a part of old kits TUYAUCOM for open ou modular helmets .
Sold in accessory, it allows to replace a lost part or it can equip a third open or modular helmet without having to buy a supplementary TUYAUCOM.
The female round part sticks on the side of the helmet (behind the joint of the chin strap for the modular helmets).
The male part, provided with 2 small spurs, comes to lock itself, by quarter of tour, in 2 "lights" of the female part imprisoning the support of the microphone between both parts.

This accessory can also be used to maintain quite other support of electronic microphone of diameter 7mm.

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