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Clacpack® self-locking

Plastic Clacpack® fastening
methods with self-locking tipClacpack

The self-locking tip located at the bottom of the binding allows to accommodate a cord or a tensioner and hold it between his "jaws". The holes in the center of its rigid basis allow it to be screwed or maintained by a clamp and the part provided for this purpose on its back.


Size: 5 centimeters wide and 8 centimeters high


This method of plastic fixing with self-locking tip was sold on April 30, 2024 to the company Vélitex SAS, until then our distributor of self-locking Clacpack® in the agricultural sector.

If necessary, you can contact:

Mr Thomas Bottet

16 Rue de la Poste, 27950 Saint-Marcel, France

T. +33 2 77 02 91 53